Still Rain (2005)

Still Rain is a interactive sound installation work commissioned in July 2005 by stARTle with ACE funding and was presented at the Beetroot Tree Gallery, Derbyshire, from 1st-13th November 2005.

The work came evolved from an earlier collaborative project, Three Points of Dislocation by Tom Williams (composer) and Derek Attenburrow (visual artist), with Vida Midgelow (dancer). Three Points of Dislocation (developed initially with funding from ACE), provides a convergence for three creative artists working in different genres who are interrogating, researching and developing multimedia forms to produce new work to be realised within live and videoed dance, animated and projected drawing, stage design, and interactive sonic art utilising Max/MSP.

Still Rain - 12 Still Rain - 10 Still Rain - 07


  1. Nov ’05 Beetroot Tree Gallery
  2. June 06, UofN Gallery & Sonic Arts Network Conference Expo 2006
  3. Manchester University, June 24th 2009