Recent Performances

Home (Breath Replaced) – acousmatic version, MUSLAB2015, Mexico City with pre-concert lecture, 5/12/2015

Meditations on a Landscape, Can & Home (Breath Replaced) at lunchtime ‘Tom Williams showcase concert’, Coventry University, (sop. Juliana Janes Yaffé) 4/11/2015

Meditations on a Landscape – song cycle for soprano, live processing and fixed media,(songs 1,2,3) from the poetry of PennyAnne Windsor, soprano Juliana Janes Yaffé, INTIME2015 Symposium, Coventry University, (25/10/2015)

Home (a Replacing) – as video installation (video by Vida Midgelow), at Memory ^ sentiment ^ body ^ space ^object: Dialogues across and between dance and art, ICE, Coventry University, 15/5/2015

Meditations – sample of recording of song cycle for soprano Juliana Janes Yaffé, presented as work work in progress at” Non-Classical night, IFIMP (International Festival of Innovation Music Production), Leeds College of Music 12/3/2015

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