Tom Williams
Home (A Replacing) (2013-16)

Home (A Replacing) (2013-16)

Vida Midgelow and Tom Williams, with Matt Gough and Tim Halliday

Duration: 11.09 mins
Quiet and spacious, the video is constructed using a very limited pallet both visually and sonically. The images emphasise processes of breathing and resting, waiting and weight, alongside other, more emergent and at times fleeting images. Through an altered sense of duration these image drift into view to draw out how, within bodily experiences of restful stillness, there are complex interactions between interior and exterior, physical and imagined. Giving space for the viewer to locate their own bodies and evoking the movement worlds at play, here the body is conceived as (an ever changing) home.
The soundscape explores the inner, intimate sonic life of theĀ body as homeĀ through electroacoustically transformed binaural recordings captured from head recordings. All the composed sound material that is heard in the piece was originally either of the dancers breathing or the extraneous sounds of their movement as they work in the space.
Vida Midgelow – concept, movement and video editor
Tom Williams – composer
Matthew Gough – dancer and collaborator
Tim Halliday – camera, editing and technical
(Interactive installation version of this work was also supported by Nic Sandiand (Isadora design))
The work can be presented as a video acousmatic work or as an installation on a loop.
Since 2016 this work has been performed as an acousmatic composition (octophonic/stereo format) to major festivals and conferences internationally. This includes NYCEMF2016, ICMC2016, CMMR2016, Sonorities and selected for SEAMUS2018, Oregon. The work is available in octophonic and stereophonic formats for performance.