Tom Williams
Rip Tide (1996 rev.2006)

Rip Tide (1996 rev.2006)

Rip tides are strong currents that are caused by the egress and ingress of tidal flows in shallow waters. Rip Tide, the piano piece, musically explores the metaphor of swirling currents that can sweep sonically through the work. The piece takes a small musical cell of notes and develops them in a range of textural ‘waterscapes’.



  1. Premiere Waterplay Concert 22.6.06, Northampton Festival in June; Piano: Philip Mead.
  2. INTIME 2012 Symposium, Coventry University. Performed on: 20th October 2012. Piano: Philip Mead.
  3. Sonic Festival, University of Hertfordshire, John Lill Centre, May 9th, 2013, piano: Philip Mead