Tom Williams
Grasp (1990)

Grasp (1990)

Grasp was composed for the trombonist Barrie Webb who gave its first performance in January 1990 at the CDP Weekend Conference at the University of Keele in January 1990.  It was subsequently revised and this version of the work was first performed by Dennis Klophaus in January 1993 at Boston University, USA.

The work uses four prescribed mutes, live electronics (originally all done using patches on the SPX90 or 900) and a composed electroacoustic tape part.  The tape part was generated from trombone samples of Barrie Webb realised using the CDP (Composers Desktop Project) software running on an Atari ST1040.  The live effects used include reverberation, stereo delay and pitch shift with delay.



  1. Barrie Webb, International Computer Music Conference, ’90
  2. Dennis Klophaus, Crosscurrents concert Boston College, Boston ’93