Tom Williams
Three Points of Dislocation (2004)

Three Points of Dislocation (2004)

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Program note:
The Piece Three Points of Dislocation is a direct result of the ‘Shelter Project’ collaboration I had with the  product designer, Derek Attenburrow.  In exploring a process of creative dialogue and a sharing of adopted languages, I composed three acousmatic sketches and gave them the working titles of Rain, Iron and Shelter/dislocation.  These sketches differed from my usual acousmatic work, as they were clearly referential and containing distinct sonic landscapes.  However, as sketches these works were always in transition, as I was interrogating them both structurally and sonically.  The concert piece, Three Points of Dislocation, is these three sketches re-evaluated and restructured into a single work.  As part of the compositional design, the individual three points of the work are represented by the qualities of texture, landscape and solidity.  And of the sounds: these come from a myriad of sources, with many chosen because of their raw, more elemental qualities.


  1. June12, 2004 SoundCircus Conference, De Montfort;
  2. Presented at International Computer Music Conference, Univ of Miami, Nov. 2004