Seeking a Steady State and Singing

We are living in heightened days sensitive to the unearthing of hidden soundscapes and yet, we have been flattened by the darkly, dreariness of our foreshortened horizons.  ‘Seeking a Steady State and Singing’ springs entirely from the intensification of place and space that has surfaced as we navigate our lives through a year of multiple lockdowns.

Through the musical interrogation of ‘scaffolding’ and ‘swerving sounds’ that echo across the year I have sought to compose music that reflects these times. As I composed this piece in the early months of 2021 the poetry of Alice Oswald and her anthology Woods Etc. was near and it is where my title is taken: ‘…and the mind whispering in its shell, and all trees with their ears to the air, seeking a steady state and singing it over till it settles’.