Tom Williams
Piano Trace (2023)

Piano Trace (2023)

The work is conceived as an unfolding of trace material that marks its original source: soundings made on an upright piano. This is my piano. The piano that has been by my side as a tool for composition but never, until now, the actual source of my composition. A pocketful of playful recordings from the soundboard, piano keys, pedals and strings are the sonic roots. Throughout, and within the transformations and messing-up of the source sounds, there lies an inherent trace, a timbral DNA, a semblance of sonic integrity that is the ephemeral body of Piano Trace.

Two, musically-explicit threads knit and weave the interlinked composition’s halves. They are the cords, the ropes, that ultimately suspend the concentrated and shifting gestures and its interruptions.

Piano Trace is realised in a quadraphonic format (4.1).  There are stereo and Dolby Atmos versions available.

Performances include: 
NYCEMF2024 (New York Electroacoustic Music Festival)
Noisefloor 2024, Lisbon
Atemporánea 2023, Argentina
Spatial Audio Gathering, DMU, Leicester
Jauna Muzika 2023, Vilnius