Tom Williams
Pakefield – on the Edge (2019)

Pakefield – on the Edge (2019)

Quadraphonic and Stereo versions
Duration 13 mins.

Programme note:
It’s a Saturday, a summer’s evening at the eastern edge of England. It’s a small, seaside town with a sandy beach, a church, a fish and chip shop. There are people relaxing as the sun goes down: on the beach, in the pub, on the park benches. It’s the everyday, a summer evening life: sea watching and chatting, cliff walking and biking, children playing, church bells ringing – noisy gulls crying. A warm, convivial world. And, it is a sound-world that is rich in visual imagery – a cinema for the ears.

This is an electroacoustic music composition that explores and sonically exploits an audio tableau to find new meanings, new musical resonances, as it dips into the reservoirs of musical discourse hidden underneath.

This acousmatic composition was conceived in response to the invitation to present an ‘immersive sound’ concert in the ‘Mapping Places: Geographies of Sound’ Symposium in Cremona, March 2019.