Tom Williams
Moondrunk Burlesque (2009)

Moondrunk Burlesque (2009)

This is an ‘electroacoustic-burlesque’ dance piece that arrogates some of the Symbolist imagery found in Arnold Schoenberg’s 1912 work Pierrot Lunaire.  In particular, the second verse from the first song:

“Desires, visible and sweet
countless swim across the flood.
The wine that one drinks with the eyes
The moon spills nights into the waves.”  

(Poetry by Otto Erich Hartleben, trans. to French by Albert Giraud and subsequent English trans. Laurance Weider.)

The work was a commission for the Electronic Music New York Festival for a Speakeasy and Burlesque Show, in March, 2009.  The burlesque was recorded for broadcast on CUNY television, New York, 2009.