Tom Williams



Can is an abstract work that interrogates a limited range of sonic material.

Can takes two metal cans – a trash can and soda can – and crushes and shreds them sonically. It is a work of disrupted and transformed loops and rhythms shaped by strong spatial trajectories, and where classic compositional techniques of repetition and variation of material, within a strong formal design are at its core.


2010 Special Mention and medal of the Senato della Repubblica Italiana for the “electro-acoustic music”  section – VIII International Contemporary Music Contest “Città di Udine”

Can was released in early 2011 on the Taukay label


  1. Premiered at the NoiseFloor Festival in Stafford, UK. January 16, 2010.
  2. SAW – Sonic Arts in Wales 2010, at Royal Welsh Academy of Music and Drama, 26.3.10.
  3. NYCEMF 2010 at CUNY Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue. New York, 26.3.10.
  4. ICMC (International Computer Music Conference) 2010 NYU/Stony Brook Universities, 5.6.10.
  5. Tage Neuer Musik in Weimar, Germany, 30.10.10
  6. Contemporanea 2010 Festival di Nuova Musica Città di Udine, Italy, 17.10.10.
  7. SEAMUS 2011, (Society of Electroacoustic Music USA), University of Miami, Jan. 2011.
  8. Played on the FOLDOVER playlist for Monday, March 21st, 2011 – WOBC 91.5 FM in Oberlin, Ohio.
  9. Performed on the night of Saturday 24th September 2011 at the INTIME Symposium.
  10. FROM TAPE TO TYPEDEF 2013 at Sheffield University on the 1st February 2013
  11. Music Since 1900 Conference, Liverpool Hope University,12-15th Sept. 2013, Listening Room
  12. Byte Gallery International Exhibitions, Fall 2013, Transylvania University, VA, USA
  13. Sonic Interactions concert, Liverpool Hope University, 28th October, 2013.
  14. High Voltage electroacoustic music concert at Louisiana State University, 21st October, 2013.