INTIME 2015 Symposium 24th and 25th October 2015 Coventry University, Ellen Terry Building (ET).  This year the theme is Landscapes and Environments.  Keynotes: Ray Lee (Ray’s installation ‘Chorus’ will be performed a number of times over the Weekend in the University Square, Coventry) and John Young (John’s acousmatic 10-channel work ‘Brink’ will be performed on the Sunday afternoon).

My electroacoustic song cycle of three songs, ‘Meditations on a Landscape’, which is dedicated to and composed for the soprano, Juliana Janes Yaffe’, will be premiered by Juliana on the Sunday afternoon of INTIME.

Meditations review

The eminent New York Composer John David Earnest ( writes on the two songs of Meditations:

“Tom Williams’ mastery of the electronic sounds is extraordinary, and his imaginative 
use of the voice in the overall texture is remarkable. His sense of structure is elegantly crafted in a medium that often seems  to defy structure.
I especially liked the 2nd song with all the vocal phasing-delays (I don’t know 
the correct terms for the technique) – so evocative, such magical soundscapes.”