Featured composer at Sound Junction, Sheffield University, April 2018

Sound Junction 20 / 21 April 2018 featuring Tom Williams, Yiorgis Sakellariou and Trevor Wishart
Sound Junction Intersection II (20/21 April) kick-starts a week-long festival of new music and a special conference to celebrate the opening of the Centre for New Music at Sheffield. For more details please see https://concerts.sheffield.ac.uk/whats-on/sound-junction-intersection-ii
21 April 7pm: feat. Tom Williams

Can (2010, 5.1) 8:20
Home (Breath Replaced) (2013, 8 channels) 11:00
Shelter (2006, stereo) 13:08

360 film collaboration

360 film collaboration with Sarah Jones. The Town that Blew Away.
This immersive experiential film transports you to Glenrio, Texas. It straddles the border between Texas and New Mexico. Once a monument along Route 66, it now remains home to only derelict buildings and tumble weeds. The film serves as a reminder of what happens when life moves too fast and things get left behind.
Vimeo link to film