Tom Williams


Tom Williams is a composer working in electroacoustic music and instrumental composition and is the Principal Lecturer in Music Composition and Course Director of the BA in Composition and leader of the experimental music research group INTIME, at Coventry University.

Over the last twenty years he has developed a large body of composition for both acoustic (vocal / instrumental / orchestral) and electroacoustic media (acousmatic / video / installation). When composing he enjoys the exploration of new sounds, new material; exploring and exploiting the tension between the visceral resonance and the compositional imperative. See his full biography here.

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Meditations on a Landscape

new song cycle for the soprano Juliana Janes Yaffé with live electronics and fixed media is to be premiered at Leeds (IFAI), The Key Club Non-classical Club-night, on Thurs. 12th March, 2015.  Two Songs: It’s Bleak and Helter Skelter.